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Yacht Delivery

Yacht Delivery

We are not only leaders that satisfy the maritime industry but also leaders in global yacht deliveries.

DCMS can provide highly qualified, experienced and professional crew specifically handpicked to deliver your yachts with ease and no hassle. We understand your yachts are very valuable, so we ensure we select the best crew equipped with the skills needed to deliver any yacht with efficiency through proficiency.

DCMS will keep all our clients updated every mile of the way and at the end of all deliveries, a detailed condition report of the yacht is always done so you can be informed about the condition of the yacht upon arrival.

Special deals are for special people. Ask about the special deals available for yacht deliveries. Our yacht delivery service is not only safe and reliable but cost-effective so you can save money while saving that extra time you spent worrying about your yacht to spending extra time with loved ones. Our clients are like family so join the DCMS family today.

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Why Us?

  1. All the crew members we supply are highly experienced and well trained
  2. We keenly assess the condition of the yacht before, during and after a voyage to prevent mishaps
  3. We always have the necessary equipment just in case something doesn’t go as planned
  4. We have other support services such as shipboard cleaning to keep your yacht clean
  5. We will keep you updated at all times
  6. We have special deals to help you save money and save time.
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Our Skippers

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Our Crew

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Pre Sail Boat Assessment

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Delivery Crew & Marine Services

DCMS Ltd. Consultants/Surveyors are armed with many decades of experience and knowledge to help you decide...