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The pros and cons of allowing alcohol consumption on cruise ships

The pros and cons of allowing alcohol consumption on cruise ships

In Jamaica, there are two ways to feel the spirit. You can either feel the spirit spiritually, or by consuming some form of alcohol, specifically the Jamaican White Rum. On a serious note, how much alcohol can you bring aboard a cruise ship? What are the limitations or the seriousness of alcohol consumption on a vessel? To some it is literally water under the bridge, to others it is distasteful and its usage should be prohibited on ships. To some extent, we can agree with both point of view… only to some extent. After all, what is a trips without an alcoholic beverage or a dozen?

            The pros are feasible depending on your reason for being on the ship. Most people utilize cruise ships for their vacation to be away from home, because of their love for water which makes them want to be in the middle of the ocean; and of course, the food and entertainment. Each tourist once they are of the age of consent which is 18 or 21 years-old in some countries, should be allowed the opportunity to consume alcohol, besides, alcohol should be included in their package deal. The pros of allowing people to consume alcohol on board are somewhat limited. In this case alcohol attracts more tourist to use cruise line as this is a way of enjoyment for them. You would find more celebrity and young people gravitating to cruise ships that allow them to bring their own alcohol or purchase while on the cruise.

            The cons outweigh the pros. Alcohol has a lot of calories which causes a person to gain excessive weight. If affects how you think; one must be cautious of what they do on the cruise, as well as their alcohol consumption. There has to be some amount of precautionary measures in place for tourists’ safety. There should be a secluded area on the ship for drinking only. That way, staff can monitor the access one person has to an alcoholic drink. With this, once a passenger leaves the area, they are not allowed to leave with any form of alcohol, or else they will be required to pay a fine.

            While every cruise line wants you to become a loyal customer to them and enjoy your vacation, they also want to ensure that they provide the best services to fulfil your need. Alcohol is something that is mostly requested by customers on cruises. However, while it may add a little twist to the adventure, it can create problems neither the customers or the crew would want to be involved in. It is crucial that we limit our alcohol intake while enjoying our vacation. So, you can consume your alcohol; feel the spirit, but do it with caution.

By: Jerome Morant

Jerome Morant is a 23-year old youth influencer and international maritime enthusiast from Clarendon, Jamaica. He holds an undergraduate degree in Customs Processes, Freight Forwarding and Immigration from the Caribbean Maritime University. He is now pursuing his Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications at the University of the West Indies.

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