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Preparations for the sea,
if you are stranded and can’t get food

Preparations for the sea,
if you are stranded and can’t get food

They say food is the staff of life, but you would only know this is factual if you have been stranded at sea before. And by this, we are not talking about “sea food”. There is a plethora of food options to choose from, as a little of every country’s cuisine is available to fulfil your liking and expectations. What if what you constantly consume becomes cloying, what do you do next? Do you go on a fasting? I guess not. On a serious note, if the vessel does not dock then you are in for a nightmare if you are a “picky” person. Here is what you should do if you are at left stranded at sea with limited food options.

First, ensure that prior to boarding the vessel, you are equipped with the necessary food items that will last you throughout your stay at sea. This include: tin items, snacks and bottled juices. Avoid carrying alcoholic beverages and items that are likely to spoil. Doing this will prepare you for the moments when you refuse to consume foods that you don’t eat, or foods you are tired of. Besides, eating things you are used to consuming at home bring back memories, even though it is good to explore and try new foods. Once you pack prior to, whether or not the vessel docks you won’t be affected

Preparations for sea, if you are stranded and can’t get food

            The most important thing to do is to read up on the kinds of foods that will be prepared to weigh your options. This is quite necessary for people who are unable to consume certain foods because they are allergic to them; in doing this you will be aware of what to expect, even then, you should carry foods that suits your liking. Thinking one step ahead is not always a bad thing to do after all, because in following these tips you are doing exactly that.

Your takeaway from this blog should be: limit your expectations! You should not expect too much nor too little, just be prepared for whatever comes. Additionally, don’t get too excited because you think you will be able to dock – if the ship doesn’t dock, how will you survive? You would have to eat what is prepared…or starve, which you won’t do. The different cuisines are tasty; you will have an appetite for almost everything until they become cloying. To be on the safe side, bring a little of your food from home with you.

Preparations for sea, if you are stranded and can’t get food

By: Jerome Morant

Jerome Morant is a 23-year old youth influencer and international maritime enthusiast from Clarendon, Jamaica. He holds an undergraduate degree in Customs Processes, Freight Forwarding and Immigration from the Caribbean Maritime University. He is now pursuing his Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications at the University of the West Indies.

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