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Welcome to our tailor-made Vessel Delivery services for ships/yachts/barges/boats, anything that floats on water.  Our database of professional seafarers are of varied nationalities and are trained to deliver or reposition your vessel anywhere in the world.

Would you like to know that your vessel is in safe hands? Yes, we pride ourselves on our achievements of making the hearts of ship owners satisfied and have been doing so since 2009, with our first delivery of the R/V Brone Explorer on her cross Atlantic voyage. We handle all vessel deliveries with the highest confidentiality, hence rest assured and comfortable knowing that your vessel will be in good hands. Our preparation procedures are thorough to ensure your vessel is seaworthy, equipped and able to handle the delivery before departure, hence avoiding unnecessary interruptions of the delivery voyage.

DCMS conducts business to create satisfied customers, which includes crafting detailed and accurate estimates of cost and time of transport. So, let’s start planning your vessel delivery.

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Is your vessel too small for the great oceans? Rest assured that our experiences in delivering vessels has given us the expertise to assess and transport your vessel anywhere across the world safely, timely and economically. From being the owner’s representation at the shipyard to transporting/delivering the vessel to the owner’s port of operation, our seafarers take the responsibility for the safe handling of each vessel in our care.

Keep in mind that we also make arrangements for sheltered (heavy lift) deliveries for special cases. We provide the complete solution to the client, whose vessel is either too small or not capable of making a coastwise or ocean voyage, to ensure the vessel is transported to the owner’s port of operation. We deliver the vessel to the loading port, supervise the loading and unloading operations and deliver to the owner’s dock.

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Certainly, we view each relationship as an opportunity to build goodwill and friendships. We do this by ensuring that our business transactions are fair and beneficial to all concerned. DCMS Ltd is the delivery solution to moving your vessel. So, let’s start planning your vessel delivery.

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DCMS Ltd. Consultants/Surveyors are armed with many decades of experience and knowledge to help you decide...